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Whimsical Flower Farm was born out of a desire to bring the beauty and sweet scents to loved ones near and far. Our Farm is nestled in a valley surrounded by trees and meadows. We grow vegetables, berries and vintage flowers for both flavor and gifts. Our sweet honeybees pollinate each flower. All of our gardens are grown without any chemicals. Our chickens give us farm fresh eggs daily, and truly there is nothing like sitting in the gardens with a lovely cup of tea or coffee listening to the birds sing, the bees buzz and the sound of playful interludes. 


My Story

Whimsical Flower Farm


    Hello, I'm Hannah, welcome to our site! I have always loved growing flowers and vegetables. I have a passion for creating beauty around me, it nourishes my soul.

   No matter where we have lived; California, Colorado, overseas or in the hills of Tennessee, I have always planted a garden full of vegetables and fruit, and beautiful flowers intertwined. 

     In 2018 I was inspired to become a flower farmer after years of reading and watching videos about flower farming, gardening and sustainable living. So, in the summer of 2018, I took my first step of faith and plowed a 100' x 100' area on our farm and covered it with silage tarps. 



   I then signed up for two online courses that offered flower farming training. Floret Flower Farms, with Erin Benzakein and the Gardeners workshop with Lisa Ziegler. They were filled with so much inspiration and instruction.

In January 2019, I obtained my business license and began Whimsical Flower Farm, nestled in the hills of Hartsville, Tennessee. I began to cultivate the 10,000 square- foot garden space and planted my first seedlings. To my amazement the most beautiful flowers grew! Soon I was providing flowers to our local florist, making mason jar bouquets and began designing flowers for weddings. 

   Each year we have added to our farm. There are now dahlia fields, a cool flower field and two greenhouses. I have also raised honeybees for ten years so we practice organic gardening with all of our gardens and continue these practices with the flower farm--they also provide pollen for our honeybees and a variety of pollinators who visit our flowers farm. 

   I have discovered it is more than a business, more than a hobby, it has been a calling on my life. I'm thankful to God, the creator of heaven and earth, who has enabled me on this endeavor; one kiss, one step, one flower, and encouragement from my husband and our family to keep on dreaming. May all who read about or visit our farm be inspired to smell the flowers, to take time for rest, beauty and restoration.    

                                                                                                                                                                         - Hannah

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